In case you are still undecided where to spend your birthday (if you don’t have any plans to travel or to treat your friends), The Dessert Museum can be a good choice. Why? Because if it is your birth month, you are free! Now, that sounds interesting right?

The Dessert Museum entrance

As The Dessert Museum opened its doors to public last 2018, I have always wanted to be there that is why when I found out that birth month peeps are free, I did not miss the chance to explore and enjoy what The Dessert Museum has to offer!

Seesaw at the Candy Cane Groves room

Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallows
Carousel Ride at the Pinata room

All you have to do is to bring one paying friend in order to avail this exclusive promo. Since it may sound selfish that you will ask for your friend to pay the ticket, you can pay the half, depending on your agreement (that’s what we did, actually). I highly suggest booking your tickets online because slots were scheduled.

E-tickets will be delivered to your email address once you have settled the payment. You don’t have to print the e-tickets. Just show it through your mobile phone to the cashier and don’t forget to bring any proof of identification that that month is really your birthday.

Digital bracelets will be given and there, you can enjoy the museum for two hours! Aside from that, as you wander around the museum, you will also avail their free desserts, but you have to take note that the purpose of wearing digital bracelets is to keep track of the desserts that you have already availed. No second servings, sorry. Hehehe.

Raining Donuts Room
A mandatory mirror selfie at the Candy Cane Groves room
Your birthday boy is really having fun huh?

With Ate Joanne @jowanpolin!
Who can’t say no to pictures and cotton candies?

If you finish your tour inside the museum in less than two hours, you can go back to the previous rooms as long as you did not surrender your digital bracelets at the exit. Do not try to spend more than two hours inside the museum as the next batch of visitors wear a digital bracelet in a different color. The staff inside can notice it and I know you do not want to get yourself in trouble right? Hahaha.

Here are some of my shots with my ever supportive lakwatsera friend, Ate Joanne! Whoo! Cheers to more lakwasta with you, ate!


  • 699 php (Online Rate)
  • 799 php (Walk-In Rate)
  • 799 php (Birth Month babies + 1 paying friend)
  • 3 years old and below is FREE (Need one paying adult per kid)


  • A two-hour tour in 8 mouth-watering dessert themed rooms
  • 5-6 free desserts (from chocolate coated bananas to cake pops)
  • Most likes you’ve ever had on your Instagram photo!

Location: Unit 124, 126, 127a, Coral Way, S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

For inquiries and reservations, you may reach them through the following:

And don’t forget to tag them by using #TheDessertMuseum to get featured!

Published by Cyrel Rodriguez

Sir Cy is a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University-Indang Campus.


  1. They have me at ‘free dessert’. For some who has a great liking for sweet-tasting food, this is such an ideal treat! Their dessert-theme rooms looks so lit! Even the digital bracelets looks tasty! LOL!


  2. we wanted to go to Dessert Museum nun birthday ng son kaso kaso naka lock down tayo. sana yung mga nag birthday during lockdown free pa din pag nag open na uli hehehehehhe


    1. Thank you so much po! I’ve been there last year and some of their desserts were cotton candies, chocolate coated bananas, marshmallows with your preferred dip and cake pops po. ☺️


  3. I haven’t been here. After this pandemic I hope to visit here and my birth month is December pa naman so I hope everything is okay. Matapos lang lahat ng ‘to.


  4. This is a big “hurray” for museum lovers and social media enthusiasts in the NCR. The entrance fee is quite pricey, (for me) hence, enjoying the promo is a big pocket saver. Hoping that certain restrictions will be already lifted by that time.


  5. This is a cute museum, and I hope that they add more fun and experiential activities apart from enjoying these cute backdrops. Do they have a cafe (at least) inside?


  6. Just had my birthday last March and wasn’t able to celebrate it. I just wish this crisis is all over before my day next year, I’ll give this place a try. It looks fun and delicious. hehe


  7. My sons birthday fall on the same month. Laking tipid pala if we choose to go there, hahaha. Let’s cross our fingers that this pandemic ends soooooonest.


  8. Hindi ko alam na may birth month promo sila. Hindi pa ako nakakapunta, namamahalan ako sa ticket. Pero sana makapunta kami jan at hopefully by November, which is birth month ng husband ko ay pwede na makapasyal


  9. I haven’t been to the Dessert Museum but i’ve always wanted to go! Too bad i have to wait another year since my birth month is March.. hahaha tapos na. Hopefully they still have this promo by then 😊


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