College is like a springboard of what life has to offer. It serves as a training ground for you to things that you may come across in the future. Before, I thought college is just a thing that teenagers have to comply in order to earn a degree and respect from other people. But I was wrong.

“College is an opportunity for teenagers to grow.”

Cyrel Rodriguez
L-R: Jeniffer, Alison, Me, Theresa and Hadassah
My college buddies!

Whether you choose to seize or ignore that opportunity after you graduate depends on you. It may be hard to say goodbye to college because of the great experiences you have had especially with your classmates and friends, but it is time to face another new chapter in your life, THE REAL WORLD!

Proud CvSUan!

A lot of fresh graduates do not have their goals mapped out. It is like a course of whirlwind where you are just enjoying college and the next thing; you woke up after your graduation and wonder, “What just happened?”


Making a transition from being a college student to a young professional may be hard. It can be intimidating for some, especially if you do not know what to expect. But if you prepared yourself for the responsibilities and obligations that you will face, it will get easier for you, for sure.

My BSE English 4-2 classmates!
My CvSU CAS-DLMC colleagues!

Not everyone graduates from college. You are one of those people who are lucky enough to achieve it. Now, you are part of a larger social group and it is certain that you will encounter real-world problems. How are you going to deal with it?

Think about how much you have grown over the past four years, and use it to your own advantage in preparing yourself in the real world.


“Accept the terrible responsibility of life with eyes wide open.”

Jordan Peterson

In our country, we have this culture that once you have finished college; you are obliged to look for a job in order to pay back the sacrifices of your parents. It is a common practice for Filipinos and maybe, some people cannot relate especially those who sent and supported themselves in the entirety of their studies, but I bet most of us can. Others may not understand the significance of this concept, but it is normal and must! What an instant responsibility right?

Now that you already earned your degree, you are in sole responsibility of your decisions and actions. It is a real game changer in your life since you are dealing with the real world. As a young adult, being accountable to your decisions may seem hard as it requires courage, acceptance and a realistic view of your life circumstances. It must come to your senses that you are no longer a student and responsibilities are already ahead of you.

“Response” and “Ability” are the recipes in dealing real world problems, your ability to choose your response to the things that may take place in your life is what makes you a responsible adult. Accepting your personal responsibility indicates that you recognize that hardships may come. While you may and will need the help of others to overcome it and reach your goals, it is on you to orchestrate your own rescue.

Now it is time to look back for those dreams that you have planned and start to work on it. Getting a job is the first step and I believe, everything starts in looking for prospect companies or institutions and building your best resumé.

You better start now because I am watching. *winks*

Published by Cyrel Rodriguez

Sir Cy is a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University-Indang Campus.

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