This crisis has brought a lot of realizations to everyone. Suddenly, the world we wake up to in the morning will never be the same world we’ll walk on in the succeeding days. We would often feel occupied and miserable at times like this but somehow, it also teaches us to a bunch of things to do in the future.

I’ll be sharing my realizations which I think most of us must live up to after this pandemic.

Most of the Filipinos struggle because of this pandemic resulting to zero income. At times like this, our savings really matter as it prohibits our anxiety on how to survive this global shutdown. The more savings we have, the more peace of mind we would have! For the meantime, online shopping takes a backseat and all we can do is to use our money wisely in buying the basic necessities for the entire family.

Getting sick is one of our greatest fears nowadays since the virus pretty lurks around the globe. Its cost may reach hundred thousand pesos especially if someone gets confined in an exclusive hospital. That is why it is important to keep our body and immune system healthy with proper food and vitamin intake! Also, do not forget to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated since it is summer already in the Philippines.

This quarantine increased feelings of loneliness to most of us because we cannot visit our friends and hang out with them. But one thing that makes this quarantine beneficial is the opportunity that it gives us to invest ourselves for social bonding with our loved ones. We are able to reconnect our relationships to them and it creates more social coherence. What a great help indeed!

Since the world is under the state of lockdown, the economy of every country is also affected. One of them is the industrial activities of the factories. Though this may be a bad news for most people in the business, this is also good news for our planet. Several online reports say that the nature thrives to regenerate on its own; making the world safer than ever! Pollution is no longer an issue and the ozone layer is on its process of self-healing! The nature is indeed making our planet a better place!

In every aspect of our lives, we kept things in control. Whether it is your savings or your health, all of us live in the idea that full control is possible. This pandemic is an unforeseen enemy that all of us did not anticipate to happen. A lot of people were enraged because of its threat to humans, but one thing that we can do right now is to take a more modest care in the society and accept that many things are really beyond our control. The world is still battling to overcome this global dilemma and as one of the Earth’s inhabitants; now is the time to do your part!

Published by Cyrel Rodriguez

Sir Cy is a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University-Indang Campus.

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