“Follow your passion” has become a well-worn phrase for a lot of adults nowadays. This is not just an issue for young professionals, but it can also be a problem for those who feel that they are lost and stuck in jobs that they do not enjoy. Almost everyone wants to pursue their passion, whether it be a dream or a career, but conflict arises when our priorities and responsibilities as an adult (like supporting your family, paying your own bills, studying for master’s degree) stops us to chase it and put everything at risk.

Life is simply about our choices, and as a responsible adult, it is still us who will make a decision on what are the things that we will put our hearts in. Maybe we can try to give our 100% to both passion and responsibility, but definitely those are extreme choices. And I know, you do not want to fail on both that’s why it is important to find the middle ground in the space between these choices to determine the time that you have spent, without regrets.

Let us perceive that our true self is like a giant locker that holds everything to the things that will happen in our lives. The catch is, it is locked, but you have the key; however, you do not know what the key looks like. How are you going to open the giant locker? It is you who will decide.


There are people who landed in a different career after they finished college and that really supports to a saying that “A career is not determined by what you took in college.” What’s the reason behind it? Not because of passion, but rather practicality! But here’s a thing: You have the income, but you fall out of love with your work because you want to pursue your passion? Will you take the risk?

So how do we decide between practicality and passion? What should come first? The hard answer: there is no right answer.

It is true that passion is what makes a person happy. If you want to contribute your passion to society and try to earn and make a living from it, you need to be realistic if this passion of yours can turn into an actual career or not. You have to decide whether you stay in your job or leave and pursue your passion.

If you are just starting to pursue your passion, you have to remember that your passion should not be your job, most especially if your passion could not compensate you enough to back-up your responsibilities as an adult. If you earn something in pursuing your passion, then you are lucky. But for someone who has no choice but to prioritize the responsibilities that lies ahead, passion takes a backseat. We have to remember that passion and responsibility must be kept in balance in order to find fulfillment in both aspects.

However, passion won’t always save us. Even though believing where you should grow is necessary, we must still be practical as it is rooted to responsibility. It is a matter of determining your priorities. We have to be critical when it comes to our life decisions especially to our choice of work because after all, even though pursuing your passion is essential, we still need to be responsible and find a job that can maintain the life we want to have in the future. Fulfilling what is expected of you is a priority as it makes you a responsible adult.

Published by Cyrel Rodriguez

Sir Cy is a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University-Indang Campus.

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