Yesterday, I completed the required green energy points in GCash Forest and donated Dungon Tree at Ipo Watershed.

In case you are not aware, GCash, in partnership with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and BIOFIN (Biodiversity Finance Initiative)-Philippines launched GCash Forest, a feature in GCash app that gives you the power to plant and grow real trees! Here’s how this work.

Switch to green activities to reduce waste and carbon consumption that harm the environment. Sync your number of steps acquired per day to GCash Forest to convert your steps to green energies!

Earn energy points from green activities and cashless transactions! This could be done thru the pay bills, buy load or send money features in your GCash app! Drop by a day after your transaction and collect them! The more transaction, the more chances of green energies to collect!

Once you have earned enough green energy points, you can now choose a native tree to donate! You can choose among Narra, Dungon and Yakal trees!

Narra Tree

Narra is the national tree of the Philippines, and is best known for its bark that creates red dye called “Dragon’s Blood.” Other than its bark, Narra’s timber is of high quality and can be used from furniture to construction. This tree requires 9,411 green energy points!
Dungon Tree

Dungon, on the other hand, is an indigenous species found only in the Philippines and Indonesia. It is primarily used as lumber for construction and furniture. With its wood so tough, it can even be used to create bullet proof shields! You need to earn at least 10,080 green energy points to avail this one!
Yakal Tree

Lastly, Yakal tree is the last of Philippines’ timber pride, and is very rare to find as it is now critically endangered as stated by the DENR. It is known for its darkish red wood color and its value to protecting watershed areas! If you have 20,560 green energy points, then you can get this tree planted!

All of these trees are planted at the Ipo Watershed, located within the Angat Watershed Forest Reserbe in Norzagaray, Bulacan. Its forest cover has dramatically halved in recent years, threatening the wildlife, biodiversity, and communities residing in the area!

That’s it! You are now part of the growing family of green heroes! We are one step closer in achieving this goal for the nature! Collect another set of green energies to donate more trees!

What makes it more worthwhile is it comes with a virtual certificate as a proof that you have donated a tree! Am I convincing you effectively?

At the moment, 3,255,405 GCash users are going green! Now, I’m collecting another green energy points for my second tree! Be part of the green movement! Restore our forests and preserve our nature!

Donwload the GCash app now! Available in Google Play and App Store!

Published by Cyrel Rodriguez

Sir Cy is a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University-Indang Campus.

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