Style has always been a center of attraction for most people in many years. The trend depends on place, occasion, people or the interest according to need. It always changes and attracts most especially the young ones.

Style brings an interesting twist in our life that makes us feel confident and up to date according to the changing environment. It changed its definition and is not limited to clothing and wearing style, but it has forwarded two steps ahead in people’s lives. Therefore, we can say that everything we do in our life is now influenced and modified according to fashion.

Maroon shirt from Regatta, gray lifesaver watch from Lovehopefaithgroup, black slacks from Mainstreet, and white-navy sneakers from FILA

While this pandemic erased all our plans and schedules, which include our best OOTDs, we can still brainstorm the best combinations of outfits we can pair right after the lockdown! I listed simple tips on how to elevate your look to A game!

Style is also equivalent to investment and most of us perceive that a good style equates expensive clothes as well. Maybe half of this theory might be true, don’t forget that you don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to look classy. Ukay-ukay and Tiangge are the best choices to buy your clothes, especially if you are in a very tight budget. What’s more is there’s a chance that you could buy a bunch of clothes to a price equivalent to once high-end brand!

There are a lot of different styles online that we want to imitate, but in most cases, this style strategy does not work. This is because maybe the style that you chose does not suit you well. It is better to ask someone for ideas that might help you discover your sense of style, but at the end of the day, it is still you who will decide if these are worth a try or not. Keep in mind that style speaks most of your personality; it must transcend to your look successfully since we can relate style as a form of self-expression!

In case my aforementioned tip doesn’t work, don’t worry! There are a lot of fashion influencers who successfully paved their way in the media and contributed a lot on what’s trending in terms of fashion! For guys, you could take a look in David Guison’s blog ( for some tricks and tips or visit his IG account along with other fashion influencers like Kerwin King, Lharby Policarpio, Jeff Ong or Mike Lavarez. For ladies, you could start by watching Heart Evangelista’s youtube channel or look at Vina Guerrero, Nicole Anderson, Laureen Uy or Camille Co’s IG accounts for some inspo! Their ideas are really helpful!

It’s ridiculous to caught people’s eyes because you’re the only one who looks different among the rest. This might cause social anxiety and might lower your self-confidence because you felt embarrassed which is not good at all. As long as you wanted to pull of your flowery or leafy Cuban polo’s because it’s comfortable to wear, but if it ain’t summer; your polo’s should remain in your closet! Always consider the occasion and the season before dressing up!

Picking the right color is very crucial. In my view, people noticed the colors of your outfit first before the rest; that’s why it is important that your choice of fabric color compliments with your skin complexion. For people with fair complexions like us, Filipinos; basic colors like red and white definitely speaks something! Other basic colors like black, gray, and blue are good choices too! Again, if you are having a hard time with this one, you can ask your friends for their insights that might help you in selecting the right fabric color for you.

Being experimental is a good sign that you are discovering your sense of style. After picking the appropriate color for you, it is time to try if you’re good in wearing in plains or prints paired up with either shorts or pants! You can also try mixing different tones in your clothes. Most of the time, I do monochromatic patterns. You may or may not follow this one since you’re in liberty on how you will present and carry your look, but do not overdress! Elaborative outfits may receive a good or bad impression that’s why you have to keep it simple! It really takes time to experiment, but don’t take too long! Planning your outfits ahead of time is the only secret in surviving this dilemma of yours!

Having an eye-catching accessory somewhere in an outfit clearly states that you’re wearing a deliberate look rather than some mismatched pieces grabbed at random out of your closet. Bracelets or stylish sunnies are really helpful in stepping up your look! Choosing the good footwear also orchestrates a good impression! It could be simple flip flops, sandals or your favorite sneakers! It depends. But remember, other accessories might not work, so you have to be careful with your choices. A tip: one basic accessory that could make your look different is wristwatch! Take it from me!

Now that you have successfully achieved you look for today, it is time to rock your style to the crowd! But for the meantime, this tip takes a backseat since most of us are still indoors because of the COVID-19 issue. All you can do right now is to rock your style by posting your look across your social media accounts!

Huntington specs from Sunnies, watch from Master Polo, beige polo shirt from Baleno, and moss slacks from Wharton

And don’t forget to use #StyleAndStories, #TakeItFromSirCy and tag @sircylovesyou when you post your OOTDs! I’m delighted to check out your look after reading this blog.

Published by Cyrel Rodriguez

Sir Cy is a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University-Indang Campus.

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