Today is my birthday and with the pandemic still lurks in our country, I will definitely celebrate my birthday inside my apartment with my colleague and friend, Julie and his younger brother, Bryan.

As my page continues to grow, I noticed that most of my Facebook and website followers have no idea who is the man behind this. With that, I came up with this idea to share something about myself and my life! It is June 9, and here are my 9 (I should say ‘interesting’) facts about me!

My parents came from the same province, same town, and same barangay! Childhood friends I must say from Irosin, Sorsogon! Even if I proudly say that I’m a 100% Bicolano, I didn’t had the chance to master or even learn our language that’s why it is hard for me and my older brother to understand our relatives whenever we have family gatherings there.

I miss the province a lot, especially walking along my grandma’s rice paddies and resting under a huge tree while making salted eggs! The proudest thing that I could brag with this fact is I could eat a lot of spicy foods!

When our family moved to Tagaytay City way back 2009, my mother told me to join summer catechism classes in the community of nuns in our barangay. Most of the kids attend this class every month of May and it later became my yearly habit. This practice continued as I grew older, until I became one of the volunteers who assisted and helped the nuns in teaching the young ones every summer! Since I became active in this annual activity, I was also invited to serve Sunday masses as a choir member.

With that, we got more exposed to their Christian living and some of them became our good friends. Moreover, I learned and memorized a lot of their English and Latin prayers. Hays! Missing my former churchmates and the Augustinian Recollect Sisters!

As a product of the old curriculum in the Philippine education system, earning a college degree at an early age was bittersweet. Though I am proud to say that I finished my course at 19, my responsibility to look for a job came instantly as well as my exposure to the real world.

The competition was and still tough though. You know, making your own name in the field of your expertise is not an easy job! As a young professional back then, it was really hard to adjust, but the good thing was, I adapt easily. What a relief! However, I still feel nervous when it is first day of school every semester! Weird.

Maybe a few of you might find this weird, but I really enjoy watching reality TV shows (local or international). Survivor: South Africa, The Voice, X-Factor, Got Talent, Big Brother Canada, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, Build, The Circle, and Pinoy Big Brother are some of the shows on the list that keeps me entertained. I just love how reality show works that reveals such authenticity among its contestants.

In fact, I auditioned in PBB twice way back in high school and college. I almost got the shot once, but I think it is not my destiny to enter Kuya’s house. Lol.

Maybe your response after reading this fifth fact would be, “Really? Who doesn’t love surprises?!” Sorry, but I gotta raise my hand here! Hahaha! A lot of people anticipate receiving surprises. Whether it is a surprise birthday party hosted by their friends or a monthsary and anniversary surprise in front of the crowd; as long as it is a surprise, it is totally good!

In my case, I am not fond of surprises not because I do not appreciate their efforts, but rather I felt and find myself really awkward in it. Plus the fact that my face is not that expressive; you might get offended when you surprise me because my face won’t even twitch a bit. All I can give is an awkward laugh. Ha-ha-ha-ha! (Then quickly grabs your arm and pull you aside whispering, ‘What the hell are you doing?’) *laughing emoji*

This is quite ironic in my case since I’m a teacher and I am supposed to memorize things in order to educate my students well. Thankfully, my job is an exception! My closest friends already knew this fun fact, but I am happy to share this one with you! I still remember my childhood days when I had to list everything my parents ask me to buy in my Lolo’s grocery store. It’s a three minute walking distance from our house and I don’t want to get myself scolded just because I missed purchasing something.

On the other hand, my friends don’t rely on me if there are things that need to be done, because of this stupid habit of mine. If they have no choice, they usually ask someone within our inner circle to remind me, verbally and mediated (thru text message or chats). If they don’t, they know that I will surely mess it up! Sorry na!

As I grew up believing that being neat and presentable is a must at all times, what attracts me the most is if someone have a short, well-manicured fingernails. It may seem very picky and meticulous for a guy like me, but it is indeed a Sir Cy fact! Whenever I meet someone, I usually look at the person’s fingernails; checking if it is well-trimmed and clean. For me, it is important to keep yourself free from any dirt or bacteria since we use our hands all the time. If you have attained this one, you got my attention!

The “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) mantra of the teenagers nowadays becomes one of the triggering things to do something adventurous, and one of it could be roller coasters! Some people say that these are one of a kind exhilarating ride. I have a lot of friends who tried this, but in my case, I haven’t. Aside from the fact that I’m afraid of heights, I feel anxious whenever I saw a roller-coaster.

This anxiety was influenced by Final Destination series particularly its third instalment where the premonition happened in a roller coaster ride. Just the thought of me riding it makes me dizzy and puke! Sorry. I’m not the type of guy who would do such thing as this. Peace out!

One of the best skills that a person should practice as they grow old is their cooking prowess. I know how to cook basic dishes, but in general, it is not really my expertise. It may sound petty, but this is because when I was a child, I accidentally cut and almost lost my right thumb with my father’s bolo.

It developed to a lot of phobias which until now I am trying my best to overcome, like aichmophobia (fear of needles and other sharp objects), trypanophobia (fear of medical procedures involving injections), and hemophobia (blood phobia). Whenever I saw sharp objects, like large knives in particular, it really creeps me out! It creates a pretty disturbing feeling in my mind that I might really die because of these objects! What a panicky guy right? Huhu!

Peach pink ‘Korea” tee from Tee Culture, black crossbody bag courtesy of Lazada, burgis sunnies from Eye Know Right Shadies, and black shorts from The SM Store

THERE YOU HAVE IT! My 9 interesting, fun and weird facts! *laughs* Thank you so much for your time reading this blog post! Don’t forget to like and leave some comments because I read every single one of them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! *showers confetti*

Published by Cyrel Rodriguez

Sir Cy is a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University-Indang Campus.

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